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Question 1

When can you ride the BRTA bus in the Berkshires for free?

this coming week the whole month of December every Sunday every Tuesday

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Question 2

Lanesborough has a new town administrator. Gina Dario was born in the Berkshires but she has been living and working in ____________.

Canada Costa Rica France Australia

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Question 3

Cinema Lab is poised to buy which Berkshire movie theater?

The Triplex Cinema The Beacon Regal Cinemas North Adams Movieplex 8

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Question 4

Construct Inc. stepped in to buy the ______________ to convert it to shared temporary housing for workers.

Windflower Inn Wildflower Inn Wallflower Inn Wildfire Inn

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Question 5

A proposed bylaw regulating ________________ in Lenox has prompted vigorous opposition.

curfew hours parking bans wireless facilities recycling

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