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Question 1

King Kone, an ice cream shop in Pittsfield, plans to reopen next week. They are selling T-shirts featuring a ________ holding ice cream.

dog raccoon gorilla crocodile

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Question 2

Berkshire County seniors are wanted for a _________ tournament, even if they have never played before.

tennis shuffleboard pickleball cornhole

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Question 3

Harry Pincus came to Pittsfield in the early 1920s with his wife, and became well known around Western Massachusetts and eastern New York performing as a _______________.

country musician flamenco dancer circus magician swimming strongman

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Question 4

Windsor Select Board agreed to place an article before voters at a special town meeting that would ban ___________ businesses from Windsor.

cannabis liquor Airbnb gun

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Question 5

En route to Ghana, a group of young scholars from Pittsfield had a fateful meeting with rapper _________.

Ja Rule Jay-Z Lil Wayne Ludacris

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