September 30, 2022

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The level of what substance was reduced in Richmond's drinking water for years without the public's knowledge?

Fluoride Sugar Chlorine

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The Town of Lincoln's Zoning Board of Adjustment declined to approve a resident's proposal to build a _____ on his property this week.

Horse rehabilitation farm Artificial maple syrup factory Private airstrip

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State employee retirees in Vermont could be switched to a _____ under a new plan floated by the Scott administration last week.

Single payer health care system Private Medicare Advantage plan State-funded cable TV plan

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Two state troopers and a Brattleboro police officer have been _____ in a fatal shooting that took place in July.

Charged Arraigned Cleared

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As consumers increasingly seek out locally produced and artisan foods, some Vermont dairy farmers are switching their herds to _____.

Goats or sheep Chocolate milk-producing cows Camels

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Alburgh Dunes State Park recently obtained more than 100 additonal _____ to add to the park.

Acres of shoreline Parking spaces Boat launches

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This week, three Vermonters received commemorative markers on their graves to honor their participation in _____

WWII The Vermont sugaring industry The Boston Tea Party

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The Public Health Agency of Canada announced that it's ending _____ on September 30.

Cross-border travel COVID-19 travel restrictions French-language road signage

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