April 12, 2024

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Sports, shock waves, surgery and Starbucks: they're all on your roster for this week's news quiz (including a record number of sports questions). Go 8 for 8 and give yourself a gold medal!

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Which of these is an actual rallying cry for baristas working to unionize Starbucks?

Pumpkin spice and union rights Say no to scabbuccinos Venti pay for skinny lattes Solidarity is the extra shot

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Which women's team won the NCAA national championship in basketball on April 7? It was their third championship since 2017.

Iowa South Carolina UConn Purdue

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The recent laws that allow college athletes to be paid by third parties are generally known by what three-letter acronym?

SPF (Sponsors, Patrons and Funders) NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) APP (Ads, Posts and Promotions) BBB (Boosters, Benefactors and Bagmen)

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Sticking with the sports theme: A recent report says that more than 100 studies of public-funded sports stadiums show that the large subsidies given to these arenas are ...

"Well worth the money" "Not justified as worthwhile public investments" "Deserving of another 100 studies" "USA! USA! USA!"

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The 4.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the East Coast on April 5 had its epicenter just about 4 miles from what spot?

The Francis Scott Key Bridge Yale University Nantucket island Trump National Golf Club of Bedminster, N.J.

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Chemicals known as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are used in consumer goods ranging from cookware to ski wax. But their darker side is reflected in what common nickname?

Forever chemicals Greasy solvents Caustic compounds Finger-lickin' goods

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Surprising new research shows that most surgical site infections that spine patients get in hospitals are due to what?

Superbugs in hospital mattresses Bacteria from the patients' own microbiome Dust mites in ventilated air Doctors who didn't sing 'Happy Birthday' twice as they scrubbed

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"Alternate boring tasks with meaningful ones." Research shows that this is helpful day-to-day advice for whom?

Dogs Office workers Astronauts Speaker of the House Mike Johnson

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