June 02, 2023

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Spoiler alert! This week's quiz is loaded with spoilers, from details of the "Succession" finale and the debt limit bill to the lives of super rich heterosexuals. Do you dare tackle the quiz?

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Let's start with a spoiler for "Succession." In the show's final episode on May 28, Tom Wambsgans is anointed as CEO of Waystar Royco. What was Wambsgans' relationship to late CEO Logan Roy?

Bartender Son-in-law Lawyer Personal trainer

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Which of these points was NOT included in the debt limit deal passed by the House of Representatives on May 31?

Military spending reduced until 2025 Debt limit suspended until 2025 Unspent COVID-19 funds clawed back for other uses Gas pipeline permitting rules eased

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Are the super rich different from you and me? A recent study shows that which of these work scenarios applies to the majority of super rich heterosexual couples in America – that is, those in the top 1% of net worth?

Husband employed, wife not employed Wife employed, husband not employed Both husband and wife employed Neither spouse works at all

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Which president recently updated his Twitter profile with this photo of himself in an Air Force jacket and aviator shades?

Vladimir Putin of Russia Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel George W. Bush of the United States

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China is among the countries that are increasingly using what highly mobile tool for covert surveillance?

Beluga whales Drones Bionic ears Subsonic viewphones

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Over the past decade, global cities including Amsterdam, Paris, New York and Washington, D.C., have hired administrators to manage what aspect of civic life?

Nightlife Smoking in public Proliferation of ramen shops Regulation of TV and movie spoilers

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Let's wrap up with a movie spoiler: An animated film released on June 2 features two mixed-heritage Latino characters – Miles Morales and Miguel O'Hara – as the same larger-than-life figure. Who is that figure?

Elon Musk Barack Obama Sherlock Holmes Spider-Man

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