December 01, 2023

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Henry Kissinger is dead, and whether you loathe or salute him, he's a can't-miss for the news quiz. This week we have *two* Kissinger questions, plus challenging queries on COP28, AI and George Santos. Good luck!

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The United Nations meeting known as COP28 began in Dubai on Nov. 30. What does COP stand for?

Climate Oversight Proceedings Census of Partners Conference of the Parties Come On, People!

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Henry Kissinger has died at age 100. He was the architect of Operation Menu, the carpet-bombing campaign that began in 1969 and killed tens of thousands of civilians in which country?

Vietnam Cambodia Bangladesh Thailand

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Complete this phrase that became one of Henry Kissinger's best-known sayings. "Power is ..."

"My middle name" "The currency of history" "The ultimate aphrodisiac" "Never having to say you're sorry"

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Former Rep. George Santos, facing charges of corruption, said what when a reporter asked if his Ferragamo shoes had been bought with campaign funds?

"These are Louboutins" "These shoes are 6 years old" "Why don't you try walking in them?" "Harlan Crow loaned them to me"

The U.S. government announced that it had prevented a repeat of an alarming event that occurred in Canada earlier this year. What was it?

A maple borer infestation The assassination of a Sikh separatist A flyover by Chinese "weather balloons" A Nickelback reunion tour

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Joaquin Phoenix has played Johnny Cash, Jesus and Emperor Commodus in his shape-shifting career. In a new film, he now plays which historical French figure?

Napoleon Bonaparte Gustave Eiffel Louis Pasteur Marie Antoinette

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Let's do some *good* artificial intelligence news for a change. It turns out that AI is helping organic farmers do what?

Identify planting phases of the moon Zap weeds with lasers Massage cows while milking Standardize Swiss cheese hole sizes

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Merriam-Webster just named what as its word of the year for 2023?

Swiftie Barbenheimer Octogenarian Authentic

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