September 30, 2022

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Which company recently transferred its ownership to a trust and a nonprofit rather than “going public” by selling its shares to investors?

Snapchat Staples Bose Patagonia

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Which of the following is an instrument dropped by “hurricane hunters” from their planes flying through storms?

Mass spectrometer Dropsonde Heat shield Thermidor

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According to a national survey, what is the biggest obstacle keeping people of color from buying electric cars?

High prices Access to charging Limited travel range

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Winning the votes of Brazil’s evangelical population will be essential in this weekend's presidential election there. How does Brazil’s evangelical population differ from that in the U.S.?

No strong partisan affiliation Smaller percentage of the population Unswayed on issues of gender and sexuality

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How many American adults diagnosed with COVID-19 have been affected by lingering effects called “long COVID”?

1 in 3 1 in 5 1 in 10

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Who is credited with the discovery of vaccination against rabies?

Michael Faraday Marie Curie Louis Pasteur Benjamin Spock

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Sackett v. EPA is a high-profile case on wetlands that will open the U.S. Supreme Court’s new session next week. What will the justices rule on?

Prices of duck-hunting stamps What bodies of water are subject to federal regulation Railroad rights of way Fuel efficiency for all-terrain vehicles

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After revelations about the use of torture during the George W. Bush administration, the government “rebranded” torture as ____.

Intensive training exercises Radical information extraction Enhanced interrogation

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