December 01, 2023

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Argentina's new president-elect, Javier Milei, who faced opposition from the Catholic left, is considering converting to _____.

Orthodox Christianity Judaism Buddhism

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For the first time since 1920, leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses have removed the _____ for rank-and-file adherents.

Proselytizing hours-reporting requirement Ban on celebrating Christmas Prohibition on military service

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The approximately 300,000 _____ people in the US will soon celebrate "Noj Peb Caug", or new year, with soul-calling ceremonies and rituals to dedicated to spirits that live throughout the physical world.

Hmong Sentinelese Tamil

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Oklahoma Christian leaders are seeking to join a lawsuit that aims to prevent the opening of _____.

State-run casinos Publicly-funded childcare facilities A Catholic charter school

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A music video from pop singer _____ shot in front of a Brooklyn Catholic church has led to a pastor being stripped of his administrative duties.

Lana Del Rey Sabrina Carpenter Lady Gaga

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Houston’s Hindu youth will soon have a permanent _____ of their own.

Summer camp Hindu-language school Dance studio

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The new film ‘The Philadelphia Eleven’ sheds light on 11 daring women _____.

Who changed the Episcopal Church Involved with the fall of the Berlin Wall Who stood up to the Ku Klux Klan

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A new book from artist and illustrator Gracie Morbitzer offers reflections from 50 _____.

Catholic celebrities "Saints of Tomorrow" Immigrant theologians

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