July 12, 2024

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What will be the topics of focus for the next round of the Catholic Church's Synod on Synodality, scheduled for October in Rome?

Artificial intelligence LGBTQ Acceptance Female leadership in the Church

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Critics are pushing for a recently completed investigation into sexual harassment at ______ in Los Angeles to be released to the public.

A seminary A Catholic school A Christian summer camp

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Hundreds of exiled Tibetans gathered in the Indian town of Dharamshala last week to celebrate _____.

Tibetan new year A Hindu festival The Dalai Lama's birthday

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Which tech company recently announced that it has delivered 100 million charity meals in partnership with religious and other nonprofits?

Uber Postmates DoorDash

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Sean Feucht, an evangelical Christian worship leader turned anti-COVID-19 vaccine activist, has forged alliances with ______ leaders and lawmakers in Washington.

Republican Democratic Bipartisan

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What has caused a massive increase in church insurance prices across the country?

Tax changes Natural disasters Increased church attendance

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The Labour Party won UK elections in a landslide, despite losing many _____ voters.

Muslim Jewish Christian

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The ______ Southern Baptist Convention, one of 41 regional groups that make up the Southern Baptist Convention, announced layoffs this week, citing an ongoing decline in giving.

Texas New York California

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