September 30, 2022

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A New Hampshire _____ fired for misconduct was able to keep working in the town of Kingston.

State trooper School principal Basketball coach

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Around 25 people protested last Friday against a proposed _____ that could be built in a Nashua neighborhood.

Mental health hospital Asphalt plant Shopping mall

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Some homeowners around Lake Sunapee are trying to put restrictions on this popular lake activity.

Water skiing Boating Scuba diving

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Activists gathered at the State House Wednesday to protest Gov. Sununu's recent comments on _____.

Climate change Instituting a state income tax Gov. DeSantis sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard.

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Two agencies in Nashua and the Upper Valley are receiving a total of about $8 million in federal grants to _____.

Expand access to mental health services Make the Kancamagus a six-lane highway Increase New Hampshire's maple syrup production

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A Northwood man has pleaded guilty to attempting to obtain _____ in federal CARES Act funds.

$7.6 million $400,000 $3.5 million

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The Lugar Center, an independent nonprofit, named Senator Maggie Hassan as the most _____ lawmaker in the Senate.

Vulnerable Bipartisan Electable

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A new study released on Wednesday outlined how the state could govern _____.

Small-scale energy production Lobster fishing Electric vehicles

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