December 01, 2023

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What has former state lawmaker Troy Merner recently been charged with?

Tax evasion Grand theft auto Wrongful voting

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A state commission has failed to come to a consensus on a proposal to _____.

Legalize marijuana Reform sports betting Relinquish state control of liquor sales

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After years of decline, populations in _____ New Hampshire grew for the first time in decades.

Urban Suburban Rural

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New Hampshire health officials say kids' needs warrant a larger _____.

Replacement for the Sununu Youth Services Center School choice program Jobs training initiative

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For the fifth time in three years, the four Republicans on the Executive Council voted to reject _____.

Pay raises for legislators Extended legislative recesses Contracts for low-cost family planning

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As New Hampshire sues Meta, the company behind Facebook, it's also focusing on ______ for students.

Social media literacy Banning cell phones permanently Regulating social media posts

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New Hampshire’s Supreme Court recently ruled that _____ are subject to disclosure under the state’s public records law.

Cold case files Officer phone numbers Internal police disciplinary files

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