March 31, 2023

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Dartmouth College has uncovered the skeletal remains of at least _____ in its academic collections.

15 Native American individuals 15 Pilgrims 15 Vikings

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State budget writers are _____ Gov. Chris Sununu's proposals as they work towards finalizing their proposed two-year spending plan.

Tossing out Adopting

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As the weather warms up, Manchester students are riding their bikes to school as part of a _____ program.

Green energy Student athlete "Bike bus"

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While it's legal in New Hampshire (as well as a tradition that dates back thousands of years), _____ has faced criticism in the Granite State.

Hound hunting Bear hunting Marijuana cultivation

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Nashua residents are concerned about the potential health impacts of a proposed _____ in their neighborhood.

Amazon warehouse Asphalt plant Apple orchard

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An airline passenger who helped _____ recently received a Citizen Award from the town of Exeter for his actions.

Land a plane Disarm a man attacking a flight attendant Find lost luggage

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The ACLU is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review New Hampshire's _____.

Criminal defamation statute Snow plowing budget Offensive high school mascots

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New Hampshire’s Supreme Court on Wednesday turned away the latest attempt to get a sentence reduction for Pamela Smart, who is serving life in prison for _____.

Plotting to have her husband killed Running a Ponzi scheme Tax evasion

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