June 02, 2023

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A new report is calling for efforts to _____ the amount of protected wildland in New England by 2060.

Triple Double Reduce

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Large _____ have prompted evacuations in Halifax, Nova Scotia and an air quality advisory in Maine.

Wildfires Factory emissions Methane leaks

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High school student graduation rates in Maine _____ last year.

Declined Climbed slightly Remained the same

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River restoration projects along the Maine coast have allowed _____ to rebound.

The sailing instruction industry The clamming industry Populations of migratory fish

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As Acadia National Park gears up for the start of another busy tourism season, the park and the Island Explorer bus system will both be _____ again this summer.

Short-staffed Raising admission prices Accepting only U.S. tourists

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A new _____ in Rumford was officially opened last Friday.

IHOP Middle school Outpatient VA clinic

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St. George officials recently created a 3D model of _____.

The town's forests The town's coastline The town's buildings

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The Maine legislature is considering a change to Maine's _____, historically a very controversial subject in the state.

State flag State motto License plates

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