June 13, 2024

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The state of Maine is moving ahead with plans to build an offshore wind power port on Sears Island. Where is Sprague Energy pushing officials to locate the port?

Big Pass Island Mack Point Shell Point Beach

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A third of Maine's _____ farms have closed since 2020.

Dairy Organic Potato

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The Environmental Protection Agency has reached a settlement with the Central Maine and Quebec Railway company for ______.

Using trains with high emissions Violating the Clean Water Act after two derailments Attempting to cover up pollution

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Facing rising costs, numerous communities around Maine are rejecting _____.

Property tax increases Capital improvements to town infrastructure School budgets

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What danger is the state warning beachgoers about at Popham Beach?

Sharks Aggressive gulls Quicksand

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Maine will construct 17 new ___ across the state.

Scenic overlooks Wildlife crossing corridors EV charging stations

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What are town leaders in Wells hoping will resolve an ongoing conflict over the use of Moody Beach?

The State Supreme Court Community compromise A new state park

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Portland's planning board recently gave Northeastern University the go-ahead to proceed with its plans for a ______ at the former B&M Baked Beans Factory in Portland.

New campus for the Roux Institute Large employee housing complex Sailing marina

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