January 27, 2023

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Rising sea levels are causing _____ along Maine's coast, which is flooding not associated with a storm surge.

Sunny day flooding Blue moon tides Winter tides

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The cities of Portland and South Portland are applying for $10 million in federal transportation funds to _____.

Improve the bus system Dredge the waterfront Build a monorail

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The chairman of the Legislature's energy committee is proposing a bill that aims to jumpstart the _____ industry in Maine.

Recreational marijuana Commercial moose hunting Offshore wind

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Maine's unemployment rate _____ in December.

Increased Decreased Remained the same

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Maine students will take a new _____ beginning this spring.

Tik Tok dance class Fitness exam Standardized test

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A Canadian mining company has returned to state regulators with a new application to _____ in northern Penobscot County.

Rezone nearly 400 acres for a mining operation Build a casino Construct a pipelines

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According to data from MaineHousing, owning a home is not affordable for a household earning the median income in _____ of Maine's 16 counties.

3 16 10

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During Monday's snowstorm, a _____ wandered ashore from the Maine coastline three times.

Seal Sea mink Yeti

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