June 02, 2023

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The Lehigh Valley has recorded its first case of a __________ with avian flu.

Insect Fish Lizard Mammal

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A ______________ on Monday affected more than 60 people on Ferry Street in Easton.

Fire Flood Train derailment Insect infestation

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Visitors to Bethlehem’s ______________ every Saturday have the opportunity to choose herbs, produce and flowers that will be cut for them.

City Hall Public library Burnside Plantation Kemerer Museum

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IronPigs will serve up ______________ during 'City Series' night honoring Allentown.

Hess's strawberry pie Yocco's hot dogs Shoofly pie Ritz ice cream

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The Allentown School District board voted unanimously to eliminate a mandatory _____________ policy for its students.

Lunch program After school care Music education Uniform

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Throughout _____________, fire hydrants are being painted as a way to beautify the community.

Catasauqua Emmaus Easton Northampton

Melanie Biringer of Lehigh Township has launched a business that will introduce ________________ to children.

Beekeeping Yoga Astronomy Oil painting

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A new “neurological emergency room on wheels” expands the reach of care for _____________ victims.

Stroke Cancer Heart attack Car accident

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