June 14, 2024

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The Duval School Board voted to approve _____ as the district's new school superintendent.

Christopher Bernier Diana Greene Daniel Smith

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After a decline in sponsorship funding and an increase in production costs, the _____ could be shut down.

Jacksonville Pride Parade Jax River Jams concert series library's staging of a "Dune" musical

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A portion of a controversial _____ was recently greenlit by the Jax Beach City Council.

Urban trail network Water tower expansion Beach bar teardown

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What popular fast food restaurant was just approved for a new location in Oceanway, despite neighbors' concerns about traffic.

McDonald's The Sheik Chick-fil-A

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A federal judge recently allowed an anti-discrimination lawsuit to proceed against _____.

Duval Schools One of Northeast Florida's largest landlords The Jacksonville Jaguars

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Jacksonville's _____ Sheriff's Office employee this year was arrested recently for domestic battery.

Third Fifth Seventh

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The city and the union for Jacksonville’s _____ have reached a three-year tentative contract.

Garbage collectors Firefighters Parks employees

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The Downtown Investment Authority is considering a $15.45 million deal that would help developers rebuild the _____ in the Sports and Entertainment district.

Rise Doro apartments Sun Ray Cinema Museum of Science and History

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