January 27, 2023

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JEA electricity bills could be going up again soon. The increases are expected to be _____.

Significant Minimal

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Jacksonville's Eastside was nominated for _____ by a Florida board last week.

The National Register of Historic Places Neighborhood of the year The site if a new library

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After spending a year in researching the threats facing Jacksonville, what is the next step for the city's chief resilience officer?

Community meetings A city volunteer corps FEMA disaster applications

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Jacksonville City Council this week passed a ban on _____ buildings without the owner's permission.

Projecting messages on Painting Installing solar panels on

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In order to vote by mail in the upcoming election, you must request a ballot by _____.

March 1 March 11 March 21

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Ascension St. Vincent's Riverside Hospital will end _____, cutting 68 jobs from the facility.

Surgery Dental care Maternity care

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Kent Stermon, the influential Republican donor who was under criminal investigation when he died last month, had access to _____ for nearly a decade.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office buildings Jacksonville City Hall Area 51

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Speaking at a charter school in Jacksonville on Monday, Gov. Ron DeSantis proposed a new Teachers Bill of Rights that includes _____.

Automatic enrollment in the teachers' union Additional vacation days Pay raises

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