March 01, 2024

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Florida’s Legislature last week passed a bill aimed at preventing _____ from using social media

Children under 16 Registered sex offenders Jacksonville's most followed influencer

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After three weeks, _____ returned to service this week, despite news that its operator is bankrupt.

The St. Johns River Ferry The Skyway A citywide singing telegram service

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Jacksonville is already preparing to open the city's 34 _____ for summer.

Ice skating rinks Swimming pools Summer camps

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A popular _____ in Murray Hill is asking for community support to help keep employees on staff after an electrical fire.

Food truck Bakery and Cafe Bar

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The cost of building a new county jail to replace the one in Downtown Jacksonville is now estimated to cost _____.

$100 million $500 million Over $1 billion

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Jacksonville senator Clay Yarborough is asking the state for $100 million for the city's _____.

Public schools Public higher ed institutions Bridges

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A company that was aiming to develop a(n) _____ in the Dinsmore neighborhood is looking to move the project elsewhere after resident outcry.

Fuel farm Gun range Amazon warehouse

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Survivors of a Jacksonville bombing by ______ in 1964 shared their story with City Council members this week.

The Navy Anarchists The Ku Klux Klan

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