June 02, 2023

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The Jacksonville City Council's racial gerrymandering case has ended, with a judge _____ the settlement between the city and the plaintiffs.

Accepting Rejecting

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_____ will serve as President and Vice President of the City Council for the upcoming year.

Ron Salem and Randy White Donna Deegan and Terrence Freeman Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump

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Jacksonville has issued a permit for a new _____ to to be built in a former furniture store at 11619 Beach Blvd.

School Publix Electric car dealership

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A Jacksonville man died last November after jail staff _____.

Lost track of him Failed to administer his medication Placed him in solitary confinement

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Florida’s _____ began last weekend and will continue through June 9, with residents encouraged to stock up.

Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday Bathing Suit Tax Holiday Free sandbag program

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The pace of new construction and continued strength of the real estate market will generate nearly _____ more in property taxes for Jacksonville than expected.

$112 million $1.2 million $1.2 billion

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According to a new plan, JEA's journey toward a cleaner energy future will include embracing two clean energy sources: _____.

Coal and natural gas Wind turbines and geothermal power Nuclear and solar power

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An autonomous people mover system could be shuttling people through Downtown Jax by _______.

this fall 2025 2035

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