April 12, 2024

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Republican Sec. of State Frank LaRose says President Joe Biden could be kept off the Ohio ballot in November because of a (an) ___.

Failure to submit signatures Application spelling error Conflict in state law Inaccurate financial disclosure form

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Cleveland State University’s Board of Trustees approved a plan Tuesday to ___.

Offer retirement incentives to staff Nearly double its tuition Require self-defense training for all students Shutter after 59 years

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Starting May 1, Ohio’s ___ will be under new rules designed to halt understaffing.

Correctional facilities Pharmacies State parks Childcare centers

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A new study from Akron Children’s Hospital has found that ___ can reduce concussion symptoms in youths by up to 25%.

Creative expression workshops Acupuncture Cooling therapy Fish oil

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Stamp collectors across the U.S. are mailing Peninsula’s post office to get a special ___ commemoration stamp.

Philatelist National Parks Wildlife Refuge Eclipse

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After two nearly flawless starts to begin the season, Cleveland Guardians ___ is out for the year with an elbow injury.

Catcher Austin Hedges Pitcher Shane Bieber Infielder Josh Naylor Outfielder Tyler Freeman

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After a 12-year hiatus, Wilmington College is back to teaching in-person classes at several Ohio ___.

Churches Public libraries Prisons Middle schools

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Tuscarawas County will soon get an economic boost as ___ expands production with a new plant.

Owens Corning Whirlpool Sherwin-Williams Schaeffler Manufacturing

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