June 15, 2024

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Of the 175 bills passed by the General Assembly this 2024 session, how many did Gov. Lamont veto?

Two Five Twelve Seventeen

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CT prosecutors charged four Bridgeport political operatives this week with ___.

Insider trading Wire fraud Obstruction of justice Abusing a ballot system

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Damning new allegations from a whistleblower have come out regarding a coverup at ___.

Yale University ESPN The U.S. Coast Guard Academy Hartford City Hall

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An unusual top-to-bottom examination has been ordered of CT’s ___ by Gov. Lamont.

Tax collection agency Cannabis council Public school system DMV

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Gov. Lamont led a celebration this week of a major highway project in __, “the crossroads of Connecticut.”

Meriden New Haven Middletown Norwich

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True or False? CT took a step toward installing more EV chargers on interstate highways this week.

True False

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Which of the following announced that Frank Suarez would be their new CEO and president this week?

Electric Boat Yale New Haven Health Connecticut Lottery Sikorsky Aircraft

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CT was recently ranked as the worst place in the nation for ___.

Internet connectivity Retirement Air quality Renters

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