September 30, 2023

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CT is taking a leading role in a federal lawsuit against ___ for alleged monopoly.

Google AT&T Velcro Amazon

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How much money has been wagered on retail sports since CT Lottery began accepting sports bets two years ago?

$25 million $175 million $445 million $1 billion

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Advocates in CT, Mass., and NH, joined forces this week to form the nation’s “first regional model” for ___ advocacy in the country.

Reproductive health care Affordable housing Immigration reform Gun control

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After obtaining over 1,000 signatures in two weeks, a group of students at UConn is demanding the university ___.

Improve campus safety measures Lower tuition fees Divest from fossil fuels Give Liza Minnelli an honorary degree

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This week, CT lawmakers warned of a brewing “humanitarian crisis” for ____.

Underfunded public schools The homeless population Illegal immigrants The elderly

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Which of the following is NOT a result of a new law taking effect in Connecticut on Oct. 1?

Increased gun control Eliminating transcript withholding Stronger renters’ rights Increased protection of black bears

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This week, CT’s chief business lobby urged Gov. Lamont to rein in ___.

Overtime spending Labor union demands Renewable energy initiatives Corporate tax hikes

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True or False? CT is limiting its college-level courses in high schools, citing budget concerns.

True False

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